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Steve George Reis
     Bass, Vocals

Steve is co-founding member of McGuffey Lane along with Terry Efaw.  In 1972 Steve and Terry were playing together as “Scotch & Soda” when they added vocalist/ guitarist Bobby Gene McNelley and renamed themselves McGuffey Lane after the street of Steve’s Athens, Ohio home.  In addition to playing bass and singing vocals in McGuffey Lane, Steve has also written songs for the band which include crowd favorite “Outlaw Rider” from the “Aqua Dream” album, “Song for the Road” from their 10th CD “10” released in 2010 and "Cowboys Like What Cowgirls Do" from the their 11th and latest CD released in 2017.

Terry Efaw
     Steel Guitar, Gut String Guitar, Electric Guitar

Terry is co-founding member of McGuffey Lane along with Steve George Reis.  In 1972 Terry and Steve were playing together as “Scotch & Soda” when they added vocalist/ guitarist Bobby Gene McNelley and renamed themselves McGuffey Lane after the street of Steve’s Athens, Ohio home.  At 19 Terry was the winner of the coveted Chet Atkins National Guitar Competition.  In addition to McGuffey Lane, Terry has his own solo easy listening and instructional CDs.  He also plays solo guitar at private events and at various upscale restaurants throughout Central Ohio.

John Schwab
     Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals

John was opening for McGuffey Lane at Zachariah’s Red Eye Saloon when he became the sixth and final member added to the original McGuffey Lane.  John wrote 3 songs on the original album and became lead vocalist and predominant songwriter when Bobby Gene McNelley left the band after the release of "Day by Day".  John’s crisp, clean vocals and creative songwriting shines through on their 10th CD “10” released in 2010.  In addition to McGuffey Lane, John also plays solo gigs, duos with Mike Nugen and is lead vocalist of the John Schwab Band.  John is co-founder of independent record label Lick Records and owner of John Schwab Recording Studio. Even with all these and other ventures, John’s mantra is “hey 40 years without a day job, not bad huh?”

Molly Pauken
     Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Molly joined McGuffey Lane in 1996 when the band regrouped.  Molly started playing music at the age of 6 when her dad taught her banjo and ukelele chords. She performed with her first band, Noise Inc., at age 13 and has enjoyed recording, writing, teaching and playing music ever since.  Molly is a multi-instrumental musician who plays guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and drums.  Molly has also written and recorded solo, duo and group CDs in various musical genres.  In addition to McGuffey Lane, Molly is also a member of the John Schwab Band, Sirens, Jonalee White and The Ladies of Longford.  Molly has also been touring with Nashville Hall of Famer Rodney Crowell.  Molly gives lessons on guitar, bass and drums to the next generation of budding musicians.

Randy Huff
     Drums, Vocals

Randy joined McGuffey Lane in the summer of 1998.  Randy’s musical experience dates back to April 1966 when he was a “hugely talented member” of The Noblemen in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  The Noblemen were one of the classic garage/ basement bands who made it out of the garage playing gigs in churches, rec centers, schools and various private parties in and around the central Ohio area.  Randy joined The Sound of Us toward the end of high school.  Randy has also been a member of Tyler and Street Players.  In addition to McGuffey Lane, Randy is also a member of the John Schwab Band.

Kevin Reed
     Harmonica, Vocals

Kevin joined McGuffey Lane in late 1998.  Kevin’s dad was a square dance caller.  When Kevin was little he would go with his dad to the square dances and sit with the drummer all night until he fell asleep.  In high school Kevin was lead singer in a band.  He tried guitar, but that didn’t work for him.  One night Kevin went to a J. Geils concert and the harp player blew him away.  Right then he said “that’s what I want to do”.  Kevin followed McGuffey Lane in their heyday and really enjoyed listening to harmonica player Steve “Tebes” Douglass.  Kevin played in several bands in the 1980’s and was playing with A. J. Angelo at Gatsby’s the night John Schwab “found him”.  John asked him to come to a McGuffey Lane show the following week and Kevin’s been with the band ever since.